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mdo:transfer( virtual-path )

This extension stops processing of current module and calls Server.TransferRequest (requires the integrated pipeline mode of IIS 7.0.).

This also work inside <mdo:service /> block and allows you to shorten urls and return binary data from XsltDb services

<img src="{mdo:service-url('image')&amp;id=123}" />

<mdo:service name="image">
  <xsl:variable name="image-path"
     select="mdo:sql('select Path from Images where ID = @id', '$scalar', '@id', mdo:request('id'))" />
  <xsl:execute select="mdo:transfer($image-path)" />

This allows you to add logics to URLs that returns binary data. You can:
  • return images by ID, keep actual image path in secret
  • return different files basing on user status (i.g. don't add watermark for premium users)
  • choose what content type to use (i.g. you can choose SWF or JPEG by transferring to file with smaler size. (You must have both on disk of course)).

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