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External XSLT editor integration

With XsltDb Rich Client you can easily edit your XSLTs using your favorite editor. The client shows list of XsltDb modules created on your portal (very sorry for russian screenshot).


Just double click desired module and edit it in registered XSLT editor.


When you save your work (i.e. Ctrl-S) XsltDb Rich Client automatically sends it to the server so the most common workflow is
  1. Edit XSLT
  2. Save (Ctrl-S)
  3. Switch to browser (Alt-Tab)
  4. Test results (F5)
  5. goto 1

  • To use XsltDb Rich Client you need to be portal administrator or superuser.

See also XsltDb Developer Tools

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Note: One can download the XsltDb Rich Client from the download's page: