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mdo:requestfile ( field-name )

Saves uploaded file to disk.
  • field-name is the name of html input field.
First it checks allowed extensions of the current host. If the extension is allowed the file is saved. If the file is zip archive XsltDb unzips the file but saves only files with allowed extensions.The files are stored under portal home directory. This is the reason for extension filter. In future releases XsltDb will be capable to save any type of files (changing prohibited extensions or storing files outside of DotNetNuke web site root folder).

mdo:requestfile returns relative path to saved file. Absolute path is not required if you are going to handle files via XsltDb.

XsltDb creates a new directory each day. This is required if you are going to store hundreds of file each day. Finally directory structure is PortalHome\XsltDbFiles\Year\Month\Day. This allows you to store millions of files without any performance issue.

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