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mdo:dnn ( property-path )

Returns a value of particular DotNetNuke property.

property-path has the following structure:

  • {P|M|T|U} - Object type:
    • P - settings of the current portal, the property of PortalInfo class
    • M - settings of the current module, the property of the ModuleInfo class
    • T - settings of the current tab, the property of the TabInfo class
    • U - settings of the current user, the property of the UserInfo class
  • PropertyName - is the name of the property of *Info class
  • NestedPropertyName. If the property is complex object you have to specify nested property names untill it returns simple value (string, number, date or bool).

Portal home directory: {{mdo:dnn('P.HomeDirectory')}}<br />
Current UserID: {{mdo:dnn('U.UserID')}}<br />
Current page title: {{mdo:dnn('T.Title')}}<br />

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