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Live modules

XsltDb provides ##live directive that perform automatic module refresh using AJAX.


##live seconds type

  • seconds - module refresh interval in seconds.
  • type method of applying changes
    • smart - checks if previouse content differs from just loaded. If no changes detected update is skipped. So module doesn't flicker. (Since 02.00.09 changes are checked on server side and no additional traffic is generated if no changes detected).
    • simple - just replaces current content with new one.

Attention! Live modules don't support ASP.NET controls!

Sample: Live server-side clocks.

##live 1 smart

Current WEB server time: {{mdo:date('HH:mm:ss')}}<br/>
Current SQL server time: {{mdo:fmt-date(mdo:sql('select getdate()','$scalar'),'HH:mm:ss')}}<br/>

Detailed description with sample coming soon.

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